Why Elip Solutions?

Elip Solutions is an outpatient medical coding company with office and management in New York. 

We perform both automated and manual coding and are known for our impeccable reputation. Our founders are among the most talented, experienced, and passionate coding professionals in the world.

Our skilled team of AAPC certified coders are experienced in a wide range of outpatient specialties. We deliver excellence, whether it be accuracy, turnaround time, cost, reporting, or scalability. Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality medical coding services available.

Our Mission & Values

To solve some of the biggest problems in outpatient medical coding industry: accuracy, scalability, and cost.

For years, we've been trustworthy clinical health data integrity advocates. Clinical data integrity is the core value of our company and the cornerstone of quality medical care. Medical coding is one of the most important components of Revenue Cycle; it should never be underestimated.